Celebrate Freedom
Honor the Strong

Retired Sergeant Jay Erwin was surprised and honored for his incredible sacrifices during the Kansas City Royals baseball game. He said it was such an amazing experience; he was floored when the big key was handed to him on the field. With a Purple Heart and many other awards for his service in the US Army, Erwin is the perfect example of an everyday hero.

Chevrolet and the Kansas City Chevy Dealers have partnered with the AMVETS National Service Foundation to honor our combat wounded veterans for their service and sacrifice. Payment-free vehicle “Key Presentation Ceremonies” are created through Chevrolet partnerships with college and professional sports teams as well as popular musical groups. The service of the Chevy Everyday Hero and the efforts of the AMVETS National Service Foundation  are highlighted at these high profile events, through local media coverage and within four promotional periods where local veterans are spotlighted for their sacrifices.

Celebrate Veterans Day with Chevrolet and the AMVETS National Service Foundation!

Woodrow Wilson established November 11 as Veterans Day to pay homage to those who served in World War 1. We remember those who died to keep the American dream alive, we honor all who have fought for our nation, and we celebrate the freedoms we have because of their selfless courage.

Veterans Day has a legacy dating back to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. From past generations to those who are currently serving to the spouses that endure along with them, this day is meant to honor our veterans and their families for their incredible service and sacrifices.

Remember Those
Who Have Served

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